Advanced technical know-how and more than 80 years of experience

We offer customised transportation solutions to meet the challenges of every industry. 


Optimised production to ensure the longevity of our products

Buying a Royen trailer is the guarantee of a powerful tool built to last.


State-of-the-art engineering combined with maximum industrial flexibility

A highly-qualified team who design innovative products in our own workshops.


Construction of trailers, semi-trailers and industrial bodywork adapted to the needs of every sector.

Engineering in constant research coupled with expertise combining know-how, flexibility and industrialisation of made to measure, with a continuous focus on durability.

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In addition to our manufacturing business, we ensure the maintenance, repair and reconditioning of trailers and bodywork of all types and makes, reaffirming one of the main missions of our company: customer service.

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Over 80 years of expertise in service quality

A family tradition since 1941, Royen is based in Soumagne, Belgium, on a site of 3.7 hectares. Forty skilled and dynamic employees work daily with the motivation and know-how to best meet our customers' expectations.

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