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Service & repairs all make

Service & repairs all make

All our experience as a bodywork-builder at your service…

Our priority? To always be close to our customers thanks to the multitude of services we offer!

Our bodyworks-building skills and versatility allow us to efficiently and quickly meet all your needs, from simple scheduled maintenance to complex repairs. 

The services performed in our workshop applies to trucks and heavy-duty trailers of all brands and types: covered vehicles, trucks, refrigeration units, platforms, equipment carriers, skips, etc.

The benefits of our “one-stop service” solution

  • Preventive maintenance / Pre-technical inspection / Miscellaneous repairs
  • A single point of service for a whole variety of interventions
  • Repairs carried out with all the know-how of the manufacturer: the repair of your vehicle is treated with the same professionalism as a new build
  • Thanks to our regular agreements with suppliers, we can quickly get you the best original part at the best price
  • Our service applies to all types of trailers; regardless of their brand

To best meet the requirements of your schedule:

  • Maximum flexibility and responsiveness to limit your vehicle’s stoppage time to as little as possible; 
  • Flexible schedule that can be tailored to specific customer needs
  • Ability to pick up vehicles and take them back after service.

Want to make an appointment?

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Service & repairs all make
Service & repairs all make
Service & repairs all make

Get on the road with confidence with Royen Service…

With our long experience as a manufacturer, we strive to find the solution to your problems within the full range of our services.

Royen provides fast and efficient service, a flexible and responsive system, a dynamic and competent team, a large stock of spare parts, the possibility of replacement vehicles, etc.

 - Chassis repairs:

  • Electrical repairs and lighting replacement
  • Mechanical axle, suspension and brake repairs
  • Realignment of trailer axles using laser technology
  • Verification and synchronisation of electronic and pneumatic brake equipment
  • Brake bench testing
  • Maintenance and repair of mechanical and hydraulic steering systems
  • Repair, replacement and strengthening of various chassis components
  • Roller crane chassis and bearing track straightening
  • Made-to-measure conversion of existing vehicles
  • Sandblasting, hot zinc metallisation and paintwork

  - Bodywork repairs:

  • Minor or significant accident damage repair 
  • Repair and replacement of superstructure components (flooring, roof, doors, flaps, side and front walls)
  • Partial or complete body renovation
  • Replacement and painting of original cab bodywork components

- Maintenance and repair of Dhollandia (and all other brands) tailgates

- Repair of various hydraulic systems

- Manufacture of made-to-measure hydraulic hoses 

Royen Service, it’s everything…

Get on the road with confidence with Royen Service…
Get on the road with confidence with Royen Service…
Get on the road with confidence with Royen Service…